The Best Recommendations of Book at 2019

Simplicity Weight-loss/ A 21st Century Diet

Most programs require you to eat their foods; take their supplements; eat this - don't eat that; count calories; don't eat after 8:00PM (even if you're up till 12:00); or require exercise that you'll never fit into your life. And, you... Read More

All About Investing

The easy way to get started in investing The most stressful investment for any new investor is the first one. All About Investing helps remove that stress, by providing inexperienced investors with techniques for establishing realistic investment goals, buying the proper... Read More

|J| is for Judgment

The next in the Kinsey Millhone Alphabet mystery series from bestselling author Sue Grafton. |J| is for Jaffe: Wendell Jaffe, dead these past five years. Or so it seemed until his former insurance agent spotted him in the bar of a... Read More

Paleo Diet – Side Effects

Should you be on a Paleo Diet? Find out what the research shows. Table of Contents Paleo Diet - An Introduction SECTION I - The trouble begins Chapter # 1: Warning shots Chapter # 2: Behind the scenes Chapter # 3:... Read More

What to Expect: Eating Well When You’re Expecting

What to Expect: Eating Well When You’re Expecting – EATING WELL WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING provides mums-to-be with a realistic approach to navigating healthily and deliciously through the nine months of pregnancy – at home, in the office, at Christmas, in restaurants.... Read More


This is a men's style dot-grid notebook/journal/planner (very versatile!) that is 8.5| X 11| and a total of 206 pages thick. The great thing about this notebook is that it doesn't restrict the user to any sort of pre-determined notation, and... Read More


From a respected educator who has advised Hillary Clinton and Cory Booker on scholastic issues, a “rare book that can bring tears to your eyes while showing the way to deep and meaningful social change” (New York Times bestselling author William... Read More

The Mayo Clinic Book of Home Remedies

Many common health problems can be treated with simple remedies you can do at home. Even if the steps you take don't cure the problem, they can relieve symptoms and allow you to go about your daily life, or at least... Read More

Ketogenic Instant Pot

Preparing Ketogenic Instant Pot recipes can sometimes require a lot of time which might be difficult for some individuals to accommodate. Unlike in some other cookbooks, in this book, you will find easy ketogenic recipes which will allow you to immediately... Read More

Finance for Engineers

With flair and an originality of approach, Crundwell brings his considerable experience to bear on this crucial topic. Uniquely, this book discusses the technical and financial aspects of decision-making in engineering and demonstrates these through case studies. It’s a hugely important... Read More

For Appearance’ Sake

Examines all aspects of beauty, body ornamentation, and grooming.... Read More

Money Changes Everything

| magnificent history of money and finance.|--New York Times Book Review “Convincingly makes the case that finance is a change-maker of change-makers.”--Financial Times In the aftermath of recent financial crises, it's easy to see finance as a wrecking ball: something that... Read More

Nanotribology and Nanomechanics

This volume serves as a timely, practical introduction to the principles of nanotribology and nanomechanics and applications to magnetic storage systems and MEMS/NEMS. Assuming some familiarity with macrotribology/mechanics, the book comprises chapters by internationally recognized experts, who integrate knowledge of the... Read More

Charters of American Life Insurance Companies

Charters of American Life Insurance Companies – Charters of American Life Insurance CompaniesBy:Spectator Company (New York, N.Y.)Published on 1895 by Charters of American Life Insurance Companies, This Book was ranked at 9 by Google Books for keyword Insurance. Book ID of... Read More

Reversing Turf Toe

A truly resourceful and supporting workbook which will help you reach your health goals in a short space of time. A Must Have!... Read More

The House of Impossible Beauties

NAMED A MOST ANTICIPATED BOOK OF 2018 BY Buzzfeed • The Wall Street Journal • The Millions • Southern Living • Bustle • Esquire • Entertainment Weekly • Nylon “Cassaras’s propulsive and profound first novel, finding one’s home in the world—particularly... Read More

Open-book Management

An editor of Inc. magazine explains his management strategy, which involves opening a company's financial records to all its employees, and shows how its positive effects on such companies as Wal-Mart and Wabash National. $40,000 ad/promo.... Read More

The Huge book of Diets

The Huge book of Diets – The Huge book of DietsBy:Luciana sposaroPublished on by Lulu.com The Huge book of Diets, This Book was ranked at 18 by Google Books for keyword Atkins Diet. Book ID of The Huge book of Diets’s... Read More

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